Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Running a Space Age Business

George Jetson I am not…at least not yet.  Although having the life of a space-age family has kind of been a vision of mine since I was a kid.  Speaking of that, aren’t we supposed to be going to and fro in flying cars by now?  Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is that I was just recently struck with the thought of how running a business today would indeed seem ’spage-age’ to someone transported to 2007 from, say 1957.
A prime example of what I am talking about was when, a few months back, I was able to run my business completely from by Blackberry for over a week, with no hiccups.  The week of August 27, 2008, I was at the MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas.  MAGIC s not a David Copperfield show; it is the biggest apparel industry trade show in the U.S.  I was there with my friend, Chris Reynolds, helping him with his revolutionary sportswear company Flip Your Lid Wear (BTW, if you have not yet seen Flip Your Lid Wear, check out
At the show in Las Vegas, I had everything I needed in the palm of my hand.  I was able to talk to my team in India in real time, via instant messenger.  I was able to get all of the pertinent email informaiton I needed in real time and I was able to field all neccessay phone calls.  The darndest thing happend during this time, though.  Even though I had the ability to do real time business at my fingertips, I hardly had to answer an email, had about 5 calls all week (that I had to answer, at least) and just had brief chats with my team in India for about 25 mintues total throughout the day.
Now, this didn’t quite hit me until I was getting ready to go home and I was giving my wife an update on my ETA.  As I looked at my phone’s call log to pull up her number, I noticed that I had not even filled the que with recent phone calls.
I am going to drop the other shoe on you now.  I want to tell you what made this ‘miracle’ of my trip possible.  One word: outsourcing.  Let me tell you how amazing it is to know that your business can function without your own personal daily micromanaging and input.  All of the problems that I thought could occur simply did not.  Sure, there were a few minor corrections that needed my attention when I got back home, but nothing that stopped or even slowed the business down.
Here is a summary of what happened when I was gone:
  • Marketing (lead generation, direct mail, e-marketing, etc) initiatives were all being administered with care
  • Sales (closing prospects, working existing accounts) did just fine - we even picked up some new business
  • Operations (processing, administration, payroll) didn’t miss a beat
Sure, George Jetson might have had a talking robot (and a talking dog), but he still had to go to Spacely Sprockets and push that button all day long.  For those of you leery about delegating any of your business functions to anyone outside, I encourage you to give just one small sliver of some of your mundane business tasks over to outsourcing.  I promise you’ll get to enjoy the Las Vegas sunshine a little bit more!

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