Thursday, 24 December 2015

Tuesday Top 5: Top 5 Marketing Trends More Entrepreneurs Are Taking Advantage of and Making Money With Right Now

The Tuesday Top 5 for this week highlight the Top 5 marketing trends entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to increase their brands and boost their bottom line.
Online Collaboration
Software tools like Go To Meeting, WebEx and others have been at the forefront of a revolution in how business owners are able to work with their clients. From solving problems and providing service and support to making more concentrated efforts at inside sales, collaboration software is helping small companies gain ground on their larger competitors.
A webinar is simply a seminar or presentation held online. Entrepreneurs are using webinars for everything from training employees in different locations (helping drive costs down) to presenting products and services to clients across the globe.
Savvy entrepreneurs have been using webinars to get more productivity out of their workforce and have a bigger reach to a much wider audience than before. For example, service providers such as accounting firms are hosting short online sessions to benefit their clients. One key is that webinars can be set up ‘on demand’ – thus adding value to clients and customers while ensuring maximum convenience and superior delivery.
Media content, in the form of video, audio, animation and interactive applications are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers.
You Tube has helped lead the explosion of online video for the masses. My Grandmother is now talking about funny clips she saw on You Tube! Smart entrepreneurs are using You Tube to highlight features of their products and services, drive traffic to their websites and put themselves and their brand in front of their customers in an engaging and inviting way.
Podcasts are already a valued part of the marketing arsenal for hungry business owners. Audio content libraries of podcasts, MP3 files and streaming audio can become valuable assets for business owners. Flash animation is a widely recognized medium for delivering content
Product Placement
Product placement has long been the realm of the biggest multi-national billion dollar companies. Companies such as Coke, BMW and IBM have long been paying to have their products featured in movies, television shows and other areas (think Vera Wang dresses on celebrities at the Academy Awards).
Now, cutting edge entrepreneurs are utilizing cost effective mediums such as: You-Tube, MySpace, Facebook and other social media sites to display their products and services in action. The internet and social networking have made the celebrity barrier easier to cross. Think of Amanda Congdon on Rocketboom (she had over 100,000 daily viewer when she was on the daily vlog), Lonely Girl 15 on You-Tube (a video series of short clips) or Tia Tequila (entertainer) on MySpace as examples of how people are able to rocket to superstar celebrity status without being in major motion pictures or television shows.
Product placement in these mediums strikes very targeted niches and loyal audiences, something that equates to bigger bottom lines for advertisers.
White Papers
White papers are simply an expose on yours or your company’s expertise on a subject matter. Like product placement, white papers have long fallen into the realm of exclusivity for larger companies. However, with an explosion of new markets and new issues and problem facing businesses, the monopoly of expertise on subject matter has been broken. Small entrepreneurs are quickly becoming known as experts in fields like internet marketing, direct marketing, information technology management and many others. Individual entrepreneurs are publishing industry studies and white papers as marketing tools to great effect.
The best thing about these trends is that they are extremely cost effective and easy to implement. Business owners can be more proactive with their marketing approaches now, getting information in front of customers in unique and creative ways. Take advantage of these trends to your benefit; ignore them to your detriment.
I love to keep re-iterating the fact that it is great to be in business today. Never before in history has their been so much money to be made and so many ways to make it!

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